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Local Pizza Shop in Roann, IN

The town of Roann, IN, has a new favorite pizza place! At The Pizza Shoppe, located right in the heart of our city, we guarantee the best slice of pizza in town. From bigger portions to never-ending toppings, trust that you’ll love every bite.

Bigger is Definitely Better

The best part about ordering from The Pizza Shoppe is that you’ll always have enough. Ordering a pizza for yourself means you get a full meal and have plenty of leftovers to enjoy later. There’s no better midnight snack than leftover pizza! When it’s pizza night for dinner with the family, a large pizza is certain to fill every tummy to total satisfaction. 

Our larger pizza is a whopping five pounds of delicious, steaming hot melted cheese, crisp and fluffy crust, flavorful tomato sauce, and fresh toppings. Our goal is to ensure our customers are happy and never hungry after finishing a meal with us. When it comes to pizza, bigger is definitely better!

Hand-Tossed Pizza

On Top-Ping Of The World

What’s a pizza without toppings! The Pizza Shoppe takes pride in our huge selection of topping options. Whether you enjoy a simple pepperoni and mozzarella pie or want a more complex dish with every veggie and type of meat in the book, count on us. We never disappoint our topping-craving customers. 

We’ve made our name by offering the greatest amount of quality pizza toppings in Wabash County. If you aren’t sure what you want, ask a member of our staff about the house favorites or just try something new with every visit! Thanks to our toppings inventory, the choices are endless.

Gourmet Pizza

Get Your Hands on a Slice

Don’t wait for delicious breadsticks and cheese bread; visit our pizza shop today for a quick taste of heaven. Call The Pizza Shoppe to place an order or with any questions about our menu.